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Growth and diversification of the economy increases the need for equipment and machinery to serve a variety of industries. For many companies, it makes sense to rent what they need for a particular job, rather than investing in equipment they may only need for a short time.

That's where Big Rack Rentals comes in

Big Rack Rentals was formed in answer to the growing need for equipment rentals across Western Canada.

Big Rack Rentals is 100% Canadian-owned, serving the four pillars of Western Canada's economy - Oil & Gas, Construction, Agriculture and Mining - as well as other industries and organizations, with affordable, reliable equipment rentals.

We have a fleet of equipment including mobile light towers & heaters, diesel generators, tanks, garbage bins, telehandlers, scissor lifts/aerial work platforms, manlifts, loaders, skid steers and a variety of other tools and machinery to see all your projects through to completion.

Don't see what you need on our Equipment list?

Tell us what you're looking for and Big Rack Rentals will help you find it and get it delivered to your job site.

Centrally located in Alberta, Big Rack Rentals caters to clients throughout Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan and they welcome customers from anywhere in North America. Our experienced sales staff uses their vast network of resources to find and deliver the right equipment to our clients, wherever the job site happens to be.

At Big Rack Rentals, we've made it our mission to respect the needs of businesses, stock the equipment they require and complete the collaboration by providing products and services our customers trust.

Excellent Customer Service

Big Rack Rentals prides itself on providing the best customer service. We go above and beyond to find and deliver the equipment our clients need to get the job done. Our energetic sales staff has a combined 105 years of experience in the industries we work with and is dedicated to creating a positive experience for all of our customers. Excellent customer service also means starting with top quality equipment and doing what it takes to keep it in top working condition.

Big Rack Rentals

Equipment rentals for the Oil & Gas, Construction, Mining and Agricultural industries

If you need it, Big Rack Rentals can find it for you.

We have an ever-expanding fleet of light towers, diesel generators, bins & tanks and other industrial equipment for rent. If we don't have what you need, we'll search the world to find it and make it available to you as soon as possible, at the best possible price.

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